FCC: Business Plan Bootcamp


Having a clear, actionable business plan is a worthwhile investment. It allows you to define core objectives and a detailed plan for how to achieve them. It can also help secure financing, attract investment or act as an internal guide, keeping your management team focused on the same goals.

Join us for a five-part virtual event series on what you need to build a successful business plan. Facilitated by Alex Strachan, a Senior Consultant with MNP, each webinar will feature a new topic, highlighting a different step in the process.

To get the most value from these sessions, plan to attend all, or pick the ones of most interest to you. All participants will receive a recording following the event.

(To attend all, you must register for each date separately).

January 16

Putting Your SWOT Analysis into Action


In this first webinar, learn how to put your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) into action. You’re encouraged to complete a SWOT prior, to follow along with real-life examples or build your own with the information you gained from this session.


February 6

Best Practices for Risk Identification


In this second webinar, learn best practices on how to identify and evaluate risks to your operation. Through detailed examples and expertise, you’ll gain the tools and confidence to think critically about what’s in your control and proactively about what is not.


February 27

Aligning Your Mission and Vision with Purpose


In this third webinar, learn how to integrate SWOT analysis into your management practices to develop a strategic plan. You’ll assess the benefits and objectives of a strategic plan and how it can help you align your business aspirations with your purpose.


March 19

Executing Goals and Objectives with Accountability


In this fourth webinar, learn how to combine your SWOT analysis and strategic plan to create SMART actionable goals. Using real-life scenarios, you’ll strengthen your understanding of creating and executing goals with accountability.


March 26

Understanding Financial Reporting and Forecasting


In this fifth and final webinar, learn about the financial metrics you need to operate a successful business. Build a deeper understanding of key ratios, accrual accounting and how to integrate your plan into projected financial performance.


Jan 16 2024


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Virtual Event


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