National Canadian Film Day at the Bailey Theatre

For National Canadian Film Day, the Bailey Theatre will be showing two films:

The Peanut Butter Solution at 12:30PM

While exploring a haunted mansion, Michael Baskin (Mackay) is struck by “The Fright”, a mysterious curse that causes its victim to lose all their hair. After failed attempts to disguise his sudden hair loss, Michael receives a hair growth cure from the ghosts – one that involves a lot of peanut butter. From there, everything just gets worse… and so much stranger.

Barney’s Version at 7:00PM

Barney’s Version tells the story of Barney Panofsky, played by Paul Giamatti in a Golden Globe–winning performance. As he progresses from young adulthood to old age, Barney ricochets from one romantic entanglement to another, trying to keep his outrageous father (Hoffman) under control while being pursued by a cop who suspects him of murdering his best friend, Boogie (Speedman).


Apr 17 2024


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