Spring 2022 Market Update: Alberta Barley and Wheat Commissions

Seeding season is just around the corner! The Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions invite you to join us on April 20th, as Business Development and Markets Manager, Geoff Backman, and a panel of marketing experts give their insights on wheat and barley markets. Topics covered include updates on the wheat and barley feed market, global milling wheat market, a global wheat marketing overview, an overview of brokerage strategies for risk reduction and an update on the global fertilizer market.

The panel discussion features Jonathon Driedger of Leftfield Commodities, David Derwin of PI Financial, Lisa Nemeth of Cereals Canada and Bilal Muftuoglu of Argus Media to answer your questions.



Apr 20 2022


9:00 am


Virtual Event
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