The Resilient Supply Chain

The first three months of the pandemic shutdown set off a chain reaction in the global supply-chain, which is still having impacts today. As consumer spending shifted, so did the demand for shipping containers carrying goods. An already strained supply chain was then further exacerbated by fires and then floods – leaving us all impacted by the resulting bottlenecks. The ripple effect of increased shipping costs and a stretched supply chain is presenting significant challenges for both Canadian importers and exporters.

Join us for this in-depth panel discussion as we take a closer look at how both the pandemic and natural disasters have affected the movement of goods in Canada, mapped out along the pandemic timeline, from the lens of both importers and exporters with insights provided by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority representing Canada’s largest port, the Port of Vancouver.



Jan 26 2022


10:00 am - 11:00 am


Virtual Event


Canadian Chamber of Commerce
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