Time for A Change by Nail the Numbers

Championed by Community Futures Capital Region. Founders learn the proven six-step budgeting process to radically reinvent their business.

About this event

Small business owners are hardwired to deal with the reality of Alberta’s economic climate.


Now is the time for change! Rather than be anxious about, or beholden to, Alberta’s economic future, why not put a plan in place that puts you in control? A financial plan, a strategy to address where you are now, where you need to be, and the changes required to ensure you get there.


There’s a formula to building a financial strategy that can withstand a global pandemic, a transitioning coal industry, and a boom-bust economy. Now’s the time to apply it.


Put aside everything you “think” you know about finance, as Nail the Numbers Pro, Taunya Woods Richardson, takes you on an unprecedented discovery into the six-step financial process to master change in your business and your budget.


Learning Objectives //

  • Build a debt repayment schedule
  • Determine essential operating expenses (including necessary owners’ salary)
  • Streamline, select, and optimize products/services based on market opportunity, competition, and price
  • Identify a value-based pricing strategy and corresponding target market
  • Create a profitable and strategic sales strategy


Tools Included //

  • Excel Template: Financially Fierce Formula
  • Excel Template: Equipment Cost Calculator
  • Template: Profitable Price/Estimate Calculator
  • Template: Debt Repayment Calculator and Schedule Generator
  • Excel Template: Personal Budget Builder
  • Worksheets: Streamline and Optimize Revenue Streams
  • Worksheets: Weighted Pricing Model


Bring your financial data and laptop. This is a three-hour, hands-on session where you’ll be assessing your current situation and using the newfound skills presented to improve your financial outcomes.



Nov 25 2021


9:00 am - 12:00 pm




Community Futures
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