Landowner Information



You need a development permit to:

  • Construct or move in a building or structure
  • Operate a business, including a home based business
  • develop an unfinished basement
  • erect a sign

Before starting any building project, ensure that you have the necessary safety code permits for your project.  The safety code system is designed to ensure your project is built in accordance with the Alberta Building Code and relevant safety codes

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Landscaping Information

While a permit is not required for basic landscaping, if your plans include re-grading (removal of soil, bringing in soil, artifical water bodies or dugouts), please contact us. 

Changing the way water flows on your property can have a negative affect on your neighbours' properties.

We are here to ensure your plans proceed without issues before, during and after construction.

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Leasing Cropland

If you don’t have the time or desire to grow crops, or don’t want to invest in equipment to plant and harvest crops or forages, an alternative is to rent out your land.

The land will not evolve back to prairie if you ignore it.  Leaving cropland idle will provide the habitat for invasive weeds and irritate your neighbours.

Information for you as a landlord wanting to enter into a rental agreement can be found in  the Alberta Government publication: Leasing Cropland in Alberta

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Rural Addressing

Rural addresses are different than your postal address or your legal land description.  Rural address signs are provided by Camrose County and clearly identify your rural address for emergency services. 

Rural Route mail delivery is available in most areas of Camrose County.  Contact Canada Post to confirm delivery or to set up a post office box at your nearest Canada Post location.

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Camrose County enforces the Weed Control Act of Alberta.  If your property have invasive weeds, it is your responsibility to know and control them.

For more information on weeds and weed control please click the button below.

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Fence Laws

Camrose County livestock owners are responsible for any damage their animals cause.  Good fences make for great neighbours.  Neighbour disputes over fence erection fall under the Line Fence Act.

For assistance and advice please contact Camrose County Agricultural Services

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