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Dust Control

Camrose County has 2600 km of roads, most of which are gravel.  Acreages and farm homes along these gravel roads can experience dust in the dry months of summer.

Camrose County does not offer dust abatement services, but there are a number of companies that provide dust control services in the county.

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Gravel Roads

Almost all of Camrose County's 2600 km of roads are gravel. The County has 11 grader operators who each cover a specific area of the County to maintain the condition of the roads and to snowplow in the winter.

To learn more about how Camrose County maintains its roads click below. 

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Driveway Snowplowing

At the request of the landowner  to the Camrose County Public Works Department, under protection of the Save Harmless agreement and with payment of the current fee for service:

  • Grader operators will be allowed to snow plow laneways when and only after Camrose County roads have been snowplowed.  
  • Residents are reminded that it may take 3 to 5 days before all roadways and driveways are plowed under normal snow fall conditions.
  • Plowing can be requested through the online form.
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Road Construction

County Council approves of the "Local Road Construction Priority List" and the "Shoulder Pulling Priority List" annually. The needs of all areas of the County shall be given equal consideration when shoulder pulling/road construction programs are established.

Programs are to be established by priorities based on consideration of the greatest need, the most benefit, alternative roads available, and the condition of the existing road relative to the amount and type of traffic.

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Off Highway Vehicles

Camrose County Bylaw #1040 allows for the operation of off highway vehicles such as quads and snowmobiles on roads under the direction, control and management of the County.  This includes all gravel and paved County roads but does not include any two or three digit primary highways or any ditches along two or three digit highways. 

Two and three digit primary highways are under the direction, control and management of the Government of Alberta.

To see requirements for operating off highway vehicle please click below.

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