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The families who first settled in Camrose County recognized the potential of the land, and agriculture became an important part of Camrose County’s economy and culture.

Choosing to live in a rural setting among farm and ranch families, you can expect to share the benefits and challenges of rural living.

Understanding your agricultural neighbours will help you to be a good neighbour in our rural community.

The Alberta Agricultural Operation Practices Act (AOPA) specifies generally accepted agricultural practices and states that agricultural operators cannot be considered a nuisance while preforming these practices. The Act provides guidelines that producers must operate within to mitigate odour, noise, dust, smoke, and other disturbances resulting from an agricultural operation.

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Farmers work around the clock in the spring and harvest seasons.  Nearby agricultural operations may disturb your otherwise quiet surroundings.

Camrose County offers many services and information around Agriculture and Rural Life.

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Livestock and Animals

Livestock operations may cause objectionable odours and noise.  Farmers may also use manure on their fields causing temporary odour issues

You are responsible to keep your animals and pets on your property and under control. Please view Animal Services for more information.

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Roads and Equipment

Large, slow moving machinery is often transported from field to field during seeding and harvest.  Please watch for, and be patient with slow moving vehicles.  You may need to pull over so they can pass safely.

To learn more about how Camrose County maintains 2600 km of roads please click below.

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Local Food Producers

One of the benefits of living in Camrose County is the access to fresh food. 

Please view Local Food Producers for more information on the products available and how to purchase them. 

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Weeds and Herbicides

The County enforces the Weed Control Act of Alberta.  If your property have invasive weeds, it is your responsibility to know and control them.

Herbicides may be applied by airplanes that fly in the early morning and late in the evening.

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