Camrose County is situated in the picturesque East Central region of Alberta. Conveniently located approximately 40 kilometres southeast of Edmonton along Highway 21, our county offers easy access to major urban centers and amenities.

Within the boundaries of Camrose County, you'll find a diverse array of communities, where live about 30,000 people, including the vibrant City of Camrose, the charming Town of Bashaw, and the quaint Villages of Bittern Lake, Bawlf, Edberg, Ferintosh, Hay Lakes, and Rosalind. Additionally, our county is dotted with welcoming hamlets such as Armena, Duhamel, Kelsey, Kingman, Pelican Point, Meeting Creek, New Norway, Ohaton, Round Hill, and Tillicum Beach, each offering its unique character and charm.

Explore the beauty and diversity of Camrose County, where rural tranquillity meets modern convenience, and discover the perfect place to call home.

Peaceful Environment

In Camrose County, residents enjoy a lower level of stress, thanks to the calming atmosphere and close-knit community spirit. With vast open spaces, fresh air, and natural beauty all around, people find plenty of opportunities to unwind, relax, and reconnect with nature.

Great Recreation Opportunities

Camrose County has seven golf courses and more than twenty campgrounds, complete with all the amenities for a relaxing getaway. Sandy beaches, canoeing, boating, fishing, vibrant events, and historical sites attract many visitors and entertain residents all year round.

Lower Cost of Living

Camrose County boasts numerous charming hamlets, villages, and acreages, offering affordable and family-minded living in close proximity to city amenities and services. The housing market offers many attractive options, whether you are looking at building a home, buying a home, or considering rental accommodations.

Full Community Services

Camrose County offers a wide variety of services from health, education and social support, to agricultural societies, youth groups and clubs, you will find a group or service that will help enrich your life in the community.
Camrose County has full 911 service and: • Community Peace Officers • The County’s volunteer fire departments that respond to incidents 24/7 • A Municipal Emergency Plan • Regional ambulance services offered out of the City of Camrose and the Town of Bashaw.

Fresh Food

Camrose County residents have easy access to fresh local produce. Check out the Producer Guide to uncover where and how to purchase fresh local food products.

Good Education

Camrose County is part of the Battle River School Division, headquartered in Camrose, that received a provincial Innovation and Excellence Award (2022) and offers high education quality with a score of 87.3. Camrose County is also part of Elk Island Catholic Schools, headquartered in Sherwood Park. There are over 35 educational institutions across the county, from public and private schools to separate schools, and also Francophone options. The county residents have easy access to the Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute and the University of Alberta-Augustana Campus, both in Camrose.

Arts and Culture

From world-class concerts and captivating drama productions to fascinating museums and lively cultural events, Camrose offers a dynamic environment filled with entertainment for all tastes and interests.


Residents of Camrose County have access to 24/7 health services provided by St. Mary's Hospital in the City of Camrose and Daysland Region Hospital in Daysland. In addition, the city and nearby centers offer a multitude of medical clinics, chiropractors, dentists, optometrists, and senior's living facilities to cater to various healthcare needs.