Ferry Point Church & Cemetery

The Ferry Point Church was built in 1905 and served as the area's main church for many people. Although it is no longer in use, this Lutheran Church opens its doors twice a year. There is a church service and potluck on Christmas Eve (a candlelight service at 7:00 pm) and on the third Sunday in August at 11:00 am. Contact (403) 8602-1313.

St. Thomas Catholic Church

Construction of the Church of St. Thomas-Duhamel began in 1883 following the Feast of All Saints. The Church was used actively from 1883 to 1962 and has been a local museum since 1996. The church was declared a provincial historic resource on December 29, 1980. The church still has its original bell, a gift Bishop Joseph Thomas Duhamel made in the early 1890s. Duhamel Historical Society, 780-855-2290.

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St. Stanislaus Roman Catholic Parish

St. Stanislaus Roman Catholic Parish was founded in 1905 in Round Hill, Alberta. It is a testament to the strong religious ties of the area's settlers and the dedication and craftsmanship woven throughout their culture. Round Hill settlers erected the church in the early 1900's, to reflect their passionate heritage. Every detail of their works speaks volumes still today. The church is closed to visitors.

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Hegre Norwegian Lutheran Church

The church was built in 1907 and remains the oldest building in the Gladstone area. For many years, it served as a hub of social and religious activities for pioneers. The church is no longer used for services and is privately owned.

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The Ukrainian Catholic Parish of the Holy Transfiguration

The Ukrainian Catholic Parish of the Holy Transfiguration, constructed in 1925, is a large wood frame church set on a cement and fieldstone foundation, built on a cruciform plan with a central octagonal drum and onion-shaped dome in the Byzantine tradition. The wood frame bell tower and a large white cross are an impressive addition to the church. There is a Round Hill Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery close to the church. 

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Parkland Evangelical Lutheran Church & Cemetery

Parkland Lutheran Church congregation was founded in 1902, and construction started in 1930. Originally it was named 'Parkland Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation'. It is a rectangular, wooden building with a steeply pitched gable roof and Gothic windows. It is an excellent example of rural Lutheran church design in Alberta.

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Trondhjem Lutheran Church

The Trondhjtem Lutheran Church was founded in 1906. The church is the only historical building which occupies the site. The historical integrity of the actual structure is very high, but it was relocated from its original position to this site two and one-half miles closer to the Town of Round Hill. Despite its relocation, it continues to be in a semi-rural setting.

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Fridhem Baptist Church & Cemetery

The Fridhem Baptist Church was built in 1926 and is now overlooked by the Friends of Fridhem Society, established in 1992. In 2012 Camrose County designated Fridhem Baptist Church as a Municipal Historic Resource. If you want to visit the church, please call: 780-877-2383 or 780-672-9315.

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Skudesness Lutheran Church

Skudesness Lutheran Church & Cemetery was founded in 1906. 

St. Peter & Paul Roman Catholic Church

St. Peter & Paul Roman Catholic Church and cemetery rests on the north side of highway 616, on the edge of Camrose County. St Peter & Paul Catholic Church is open once a year for public, on the SUNDAY closest to the feast day of St Peter and Paul. The church is available for events like Catholic weddings as well. For more information, contact the administrative Parish of St. Francis Xavier in Camrose.

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Exaltation Of The Holy Cross Ukrainian Catholic Church & Cemetery

The church was built in 1921. It was designated as a historic site in 1988.

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