Meeting Creek Grain Elevator

The Alberta Pacific Grain elevator at Meeting Creek, built in 1917, is a classic example of a wood-cribbed prairie grain elevator. Perhaps more than any other building, these distinctive structures have come to represent Western Canada to the world.

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Bawlf Grain Elevator

The grain elevator at Bawlf, Alberta is an ex-Alberta Wheat Pool elevator. It is now owned by Canada Malting and still is in use.

Bashaw Grain Elevator

One of the ex-Alberta Wheat Pool grain elevators remains in Bashaw, Alberta. This structure, built in 1982, has two integrated annexes and still is in use.

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Camrose Grain Elevator

This is an ex-Alberta Wheat Pool grain elevator in Camrose, Alberta. The elevator is located within the city and still is in use.

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Kingman Historic Grain Elevator

The former Alberta Wheat Pool grain elevator at Kingman, Alberta now resides on a farm. It was moved eight miles on February 15, 1977, from its original location. Please don't enter private property without permission.