How Assessment works

The Assessment Department establishes and maintains property valuations (assessments) for all properties within Camrose County to ensure an equitable distribution of taxes. Property assessment is the process of assigning a dollar value to a property for taxation purposes. 

Property Tax and Assessment

Property tax and assessment are often confused with one another or are considered the same thing, but there is an important difference. Assessment is the tool that the County uses to equitably spread the cost of taxes across all residents. The total amount of property taxes a person pays is relative to the assessed value of their property which means that properties that have a higher assessed value will pay more than those with a lower assessed value.

The property tax mill rate is a rate set by Council annually and is the amount that will be paid per dollar of assessed property value. If you multiply the property tax mill rate of the current year by the assessed value of your property, you will see your total property tax. Different types of properties have different property tax mill rates which will be indicated on your tax/assessment notice. For example, property used for a business will be taxed at a different rate than property used for a residence. 

The role of the assessment department is to ensure that property assessment values stay accurate to maintain an equitable distribution of taxes from year to year.

Roles of Assessors

The Camrose County Assessment Department has a number of roles that it does over the course of the year. The following are a list of some of the most important.

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