Property Tax Information

Tax notices are mailed in May of each year, and the balance is due on July 31 of that year.  Monthly payment plans are available through the Tax Pre-Authorized Payment Plan, if you sign up before June 30. 

For more information on how to pay your property taxes click here.

2024 Tax Rates

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Important Dates Related to Property Taxes

May 15      Mailing Date

May 23     Assessment Date

May 23 - July 22     60 Day Review Period

July 22     Final Date to File an Assessment Complaint

July 31     Property Tax Payments Due

Aug 1       2% Penalty on Current Year Tax

Nov 1      10% Penalty on Current Balance

Mar 1   12% Penalty on Total Outstanding Balance

Land Ownership and Address Changes

All land ownership changes and names changes are updated to our tax roll based solely on Information provided by Alberta Land Titles. Address changes in our tax system will be made at the owner's request, but all name changes must be made through Alberta Land Titles.

Requesting Assessment & Tax Information

Tax Certificates:  A Tax Certificate shows the amount of property tax imposed in the year, the amount of taxes owing, and the total amount of tax arrears, if any.  It also includes the legal description, municipal address of the property and the monthly payment information, if applicable.  This report is most commonly used by law firms for real estate transactions. 

The fee for a Tax Certificate is $40.00.

Ratepayer Summary Report:  A Ratepayer Summary Report provides roll number, rural address, land size, subdivision information, zoning, market land site area, farmland valuation, improvement descriptions with size and age, tax status, rural resdential exemptions and total assessment.  

The fee for a Ratepayer Summary Report is $10 per parcel, but free for the landowner.

Farmland Calculation Report:  This report provides detailed farmland report and rating percentages for each soil type.

Farmland Drawing:  $10/parcel, but free for the landowner.

Aerial Photograph:  $10/parcel, but free to the landowner.

Sales Report:  This report provides the roll number, rural address, parcel size, legal location, certificate of title, sale date and sale price.   The fee for this report is $10 minimum for 5 pages and $2 for each additional page.

Tax & Assessment Information Request Form

Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program

The Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program allows eligible senior homeowners to defer part or all of their residential property taxes through a low-interest home equity loan with the Government of Alberta. For more information click the button below. 

Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program

Education Property Tax Information

Camrose County collects education property tax for Alberta's education system. For more information on how education property taxes work please click the button below. 

Education Property Tax Information

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