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Recycling Services

What can I do with my Recycling??

The recycling bins are now in place at the West Dried Meat Lake Regional Landfill!

These are “mixed use” bins – which means you don’t need to sort your recycling, but please follow the list for what can be put in the bins. Camrose County is working with E360, a recycling company out of Red Deer who sorts the recycling at their facility.

The landfill is located a half a mile east of Highway 21 on Highway 609. It is open to the public Monday to Saturday from 8:30 to 3:00PM.

If you live in the Kingman area, there is a bin at the Kingman Transfer Site for paper and cardboard.

Camrose County Council understands that the changes to recycling options may be frustrating, but we need to ensure that the program is both economic and that the products collected are truly being recycled at the end of the day. Global markets for which products have an end-use have shifted. It is not sustainable to accept items that will need to be stored or landfilled in the long run.

Council will continue to evaluate how the program is working and how it fits within the County’s strategic plans.

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