Potable Water Truckfill Stations

Accounts are required to access the County's three potable water sites. Information on Non-Potable Water Water Stations can be found here.

Camrose County bulk water customers are now able to access their accounts and manage payments online.  Existing customers should have received an invitation by email with instructions to link their existing account to Flowpoint's online services. 

Please contact the County Office during business hours to set up your account - you don't have to come in, we can do it on the phone for you (780-672-4446). New users may also apply for an account online through Flowpoint which will be reviewed by County staff within 1-2 business days. One account will give you access to any of the sites.  You must prepay for the water.  All the Potable Bulk Water Stations use this PIN system.  

Camrose County does not provide extensions or adapters for the water dispensing hose(s).  For safety it is recommended that those filling at this station acquire and use the appropriate extensions and adapters. Camrose County cannot be held responsible should the individuals opt not to obtain and use. 


    • Operate At Your Own Risk.
    • Water is Dispensed at High Flow Rates and Pressure.
    • Delivery Hose Needs to be Properly Secured.
    • Icy or Slippery Conditions May Exist On These Premises. 

For Service or to Report An Unsafe Condition Contact: 

Camrose Public Works: 780-672-4449 

After Hours On Call: 780-608-7014

Accounts and Payments (Flowpoint)