The Village of Hay Lakes, a picturesque village along Highway 21, is conveniently nestled between Sherwood Park and Camrose. This charming community is home to just over 500 residents who have come to adore the area's natural beauty.

Hay Lakes owes its origins and early settlement to immigrants primarily from Sweden and Norway. Its pioneering figure, James McKernan, established a telegraph station in 1876. In 1911, the Canadian National Railway initiated its Edmonton to Calgary line, which passed through Hay Lakes. Consequently, the village was officially incorporated in 1928.

What residents affectionately think the 'Jewel of Hay Lakes' is Telegraph Park, an immaculate 88-acre haven for camping, fishing, and exploration. After enjoying the park's amenities, venture across Highway 617 and immerse yourself in the village's warmth. Here, friendly business owners and residents eagerly extend a warm welcome to those interested in the area!

Hay Lakes has a great school that provides education for students from kindergarten through grade 12. You can also enjoy a baseball game or a 4-H event at the Agriplex or use the library or recently renovated Recreation Centre available for weddings, family reunions, and special events.
Main Street is a bustling hub, hosting a fabulous "Second Time Around" store, the post office, a bottle depot, a gas station, and an excellent grocery/sundry and liquor store. As you explore further down the street, you'll see Engraving Masters and the Fire Department. Don't hesitate to stop by and visit; the residents of Hay Lakes are known for their warm and welcoming hospitality.

Places to Visit


Hay Lakes Telegraph Park

This is a pristine 80-acre park that has wonderful walking trails, a stocked fishing pond, and 25 camping sites.


Miquelon Lake Provincial Park

Just east of Hay Lakes, you can enjoy the trails at Miquelon Lake Provincial Park, watch the stars at the Observatory, or go golfing at Miquelon Hills Golf Course.


Hay Lakes Recreation Centre

The dedicated volunteers from the Agricultural Society keep the Recreation Centre running with popular activities including baseball, 4-H club events, a riding arena, curling, outdoor skating and much more.


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