business DEVELOPMENT permits

All businesses in Camrose County require a permit to operate, whether they are a small home business or a large corporation.  

There are 3 types of business: Home Office, Home Occupation and Commercial/Industrial.  The type of business allowed on a property varies based on the Land Use District of the parcel that the business will be located at. A general idea of the types of business use considered on a property is listed in the chart below. If in doubt, please contact the Planning Department.

 Agricultural AcreageLake LotsCommercial/Industrial
Home OfficeAllowedAllowedAllowedNot Allowed
Home BusinessAllowedMay be AllowedMay be AllowedNot Allowed
Commercial/IndustrialNot AllowedNot AllowedNot AllowedAllowed

*Allowed means that an application for a permit will be approved internally by the Development Officer. 

*May be allowed means that the Municipal Planning Commission can approve or deny a permit and that the neighbours can appeal any approval if they don't think the business fits the neighbourhood.

Home Office means an office in a dwelling which is not visited by a significant number of clients, does not change the external appearance or residential character of the dwelling, does not require additional parking, and is carried on only by the residents of that dwelling.

Home Business means a business, trade, craft occupation, storage activity, or other commercial operation on a residential lot at a scale greater than a home office. A home business may be visited by clients and employees to the site, therefore requiring additional parking on or off the site.

Business Application Forms

Business Development Permit Application


The following permits may also be required if the business is adjacent to a highway or requires construction.

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